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About Nicole Avez-Nana,
The founder and owner of AB-Lux Relocation  Services who has developped the online relocation services “Homepass ” with her team!

If  you plan to move to Luxembourg with your whole family this VIP package will [...]

650.00 €

For expatriation it’s important to find the right housing solution immediately and be in full [...]

250.00 €

Are you planning to relocate to Luxembourg? Then, this immigration package is for you! We will [...]

250.00 €

The type of school available to expat’s children, as well as the quality of the [...]

250.00 €

How it works?

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  3. After choosing and paid an online package, you will be contacted via email or telephone by one of our Relocation Expert within 24 hours. Nevertheless  if you wish to have more details before your purchase, please feel free to contact us at : info@ab-lux.com

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